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Asian Workers Recruitment

The management of the workforce involves an approach as personal and professional as possible, in order to successfully face the challenges related to the high demand for a specialized, accessible workforce for the Romanian industry. Our services give you the flexibility to recruit experienced workers when and where you need them.

DTH  International – Asian employment and placement agency, is mainly aimed at helping candidates and companies achieve success  in a variety of industries.

We offer complete services and solutions for the recruitment and placement of workers from Asian countries, from the precise definition of the position and duties of the desired candidate, step by step assistance in the selection process, interview and termination of the employment contract.

Our consultants will analyze the specifics of the company, evaluate the team of workers, make a complete assessment of the workforce that you offer and use their own search methods and advanced technologies to recruit Asian workers. Finally, they will identify the most qualified candidates suitable for your business and will provide full support in obtaining the documents.

The companies will benefit from consultancy in both staff recruitment and filling in the forms, while candidates will be supported throughout the recruitment and transition process in Romania.


Selection and recruitment

DTH International, the agency for the recruitment and placement of Asian workers, provides complex services for the selection and placement of workers, both skilled and unskilled, in a wide range of fields.

The knowledge and tools required for a wide range of industries and types of candidates make DTH International  the ideal partner for achieving the success of your business.

Our professionals create the profile of the candidate, guaranteeing the quality of the recruitment process, being convinced that the selection is based on the best applications. The whole process is based on direct interaction in the country of origin of potential employees. Employees are chosen directly by our specialists, following an interview, an English language test and practical tests (where applicable).

By choosing DTH International, you can enjoy high quality services in terms of recruiting personnel from Asia, the result  being the most accurate placement of the most suitable candidates for the requirements of each company we collaborate with.

DTH International team, multi-cultural team, can offer consultancy at the highest level of quality and professionalism. We understand the complexities of human dynamics at work, which is why our service portfolio is extensive. We deal with the recruitment and placement of Asian workers, from the initial stages to the signing of employment contracts, consulting, obtaining documents, mediating and facilitating the integration of new employees within the companies where they are placed.

Our activity is based on relocating workers from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Morocco, India to Romania, while the objectives of employers and candidates become our objectives as well. Because our entire activity is carried out in a personal manner, for us, every success of yours is also a success of ours.

Workers from Asian countries, both skilled and unskilled, show willingness, ambition to succeed at work, loyalty, perseverance and involvement, and all this only adds value to your business.


It has never been easier to connect with people all over the world. This easy connection means more business opportunities, prosperity and performance. These possibilities must be fully exploited.

The  DTH International team is prepared to answer all questions and possible uncertainties regarding the employment of foreign workers.

Through the knowledge of the legislative field and the connections that can facilitate the process of accommodation of the workers, we are at your disposal to make the best choice in terms of your business.

We offer consultancy and support throughout the recruitment and placement process, both for the employer and for the employees.


The most important method of sustaining a successful relationship is communication.

We assume the role of mediators between our partners and the agencies in Asia, the Romanian institutions and those in the country of residence of the future employees. We are up to date with everything new in the field, our team constantly following specialized trainings in order to provide the best services. We communicate effectively with all parties involved in the project to provide appropriate solutions to any type of situation, regardless of the number of Asian workers you want to hire. With us it is always simple: we get involved and we get results.

DTH  International consists of a team ready to support and facilitate the process of accommodation of workers from Asian countries in Romania. The personal approach of the process of accommodation and integration of Asian workers, as well as in terms of their relationship with employers , makes it possible to guarantee the success of the entire project  and implicitly the success of your business.

We support the cultural differences between our country and the Asian countries through our thorough  knowledge, while our colleagues from Asian countries have an entire willingness to get involved in the accommodation of workers to the Romanian culture, while preserving their cultural individuality.

Major and successfully mediated changes are the key to success!

Procurance of documents

DTH International offers you its support in terms of obtaining the necessary documents.

The DTH International team will take care of all the necessary steps for the employment of the selected candidates. We will handle the documentation in every detail with the help of the powers signed by your company to us, which will allow us to represent you in front of the institutions for the proper development  and efficient settlement of your requirements.

We know the legislative framework regulating the stay and work of foreign citizens in Romania. We take responsibility for obtaining visas, work permits and residence permits and are contractually liable for fulfilling these formalities.

We communicate with the institutions of the Romanian country, as well as with those of the country of residence of the future employee, in order to obtain the necessary immigration documents:

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