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DTH International


DTH International – recruitment and employment agency, is permanently available for the selection and placement of workers in any field of activity.

Using a well-established protocol we can select candidates for any field of activity. The advantage of your collaboration with DTH International is supported by our connections with some of the most professional recruitment agencies in Asia, a collaboration that allows us to bring qualified and unskilled personnel of high quality for any field of activity.

Based on some counseling sessions, we can determine together what is the profile of the ideal candidate, according to the needs of the company and start the recruitment process precisely folded on your wishes, regardless of the field of activity.

We recruit staff with extensive experience, including international experience.

The selection is made on the basis of interviews.

DTH International

Through the knowledge of the legislative field and the connections that can facilitate the process of accommodation of the workers, we are at your disposal to make the best choice in terms of your business.

We offer consultancy and support throughout the recruitment and placement process, both for the employer and for the employees.

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