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The importance of this mission results from the need to ensure, throughout the country, a climate of public order and security, which is the guarantee of the existence and development of the Romanian national state, as a sovereign, unitary, independent and indivisible state, and of the unfettered exercise of the fundamental rights, freedoms and duties of the citizens.

In essence, the activity involves guarding (with agents) a certain area, following the needs of the client.

This task is based on the following arguments:

  • the need for physical protection of the assets and premises where the administrative structures operate;
  • the protection and assurance of the working environment of the beneficiary’s employees, in conditions of peace, order and maximum safety;
  • discouraging any attempts to attack the beneficiary’s premises, personnel or any form of aggression, of a criminal or terrorist nature;

We recruit staff with extensive experience, including international experience.

Selection is performed based on interviews.

DTH International

The bodyguard service is intended for the protection of persons who want to be protected against attacks or actions that endanger their life, bodily integrity and/or health, through security agencies – bodyguards, individuals or teams, with a high professional qualification, masters of self-defense procedures, skills and thorough knowledge regarding the use of weapons and other technical means.

Regarding this area, DTH International- Asian recruitment and placement agency, can come to the aid with qualified staff for the following positions:

Recruitment is done according to your wishes and needs. Our staff will draw up with you the ideal employee sheet for each desired position, so that the selection and placement of Asian workers will be carried out according to your standards and the legislation in force.

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