DTH International

What are the benefits?

The major advantage of hiring a non-EU worker is that they have a work permit from the authorities to work only within your company.

Asians adopt a work culture. They are serious, hardworking and have increased productivity, regardless of the field in which they work.

Rigorous selection of workers, due to the ever-growing population and increasing skill levels.

Staff stability - workers are interested in coming to Romania for at least 2 years.

Availability for extended work.

Low salary level: the obligation to pay an average national income was abolished. Now the wages offered must be at the minimum wage level.

Stages of the recruitment process:

We recruit staff with extensive experience, including international experience.

The selection is based on interviews.

Why DTH International ?
DTH International

Obligations of the employer:

Your company must ensure legal employment contracts and guarantee safety at the workplace.

Insurance of the salary (established since the interview) according to the employment contract and compliance with the legal provisions.

Making all payments on time and providing transparency in the contractual relationship with employees.

Ensuring all the rights that any other Romanian employee has.

Your company will ensure that employees are not discriminated against on racial, ethnic, sexual or other grounds.

The employer undertakes to pay the costs generated by the transport from the candidate's country of origin, accommodation, meals and transport to the workplace during the period in which the foreign citizen is working within the company, according to the Romanian legislation in force regarding the recruitment of extra-community personnel.

If, for objective reasons, the employer wishes to give up one or more employees and the foreign persons choose to leave voluntarily from the employer, the latter (the employer) has the obligation to immediately inform the General Inspectorate for Immigration, in accordance with the legal provisions regarding the notification of the authorities.

What are the questions of the clients?

The costs of recruitment and placement of personnel from non-EU countries include the fees to various institutions/authorities/entities in Romania as well as the related brokerage commission.

Costs include:
Fees to the authorities, translations and notarization of documents, DHL courier;

Transport – plane ticket; Medical analyses;

Agency commission.

We set moderate commissions based on the number of employees that you need.

All the necessary formalities from the selection of personnel to the arrival in the country take approx. 4-6 months In order to shorten this period as much as possible, it is essential that the documents required to compile the file for the work permit and residence permit are correct and complete.

We keep constant communication with both employer and employees and ensure that both parties comply with their contractual commitments. We also facilitate cultural integration and accommodation to the Romanian environment and provide recommendations to the employer for shortening the transition period.

During the recruitment period the employing company is responsible for the accuracy of the submitted documents. After employment, the employer's obligations include compliance with the terms of the employment contract and the job description presented prior to employment, as well as salary payment. Also, accommodation, daily meals and transportation home must be provided by the employer as agreed with the employee prior to recruitment.


DTH International  undertakes to replace the worker  if he/she is not fit for work , if he/she refuses to come to work or if he/she does not comply with the obligations of the employment contract, within the first 3 months after his/her arrival on the territory of Romania.

In general , most candidates are English speakers at a conversational level.

If you expressly request this from the beginning of the recruitment process, the knowledge of a foreign language of international circulation can be established as an employment criterion. From our experience, we can tell you that foreign workers learn Romanian relatively quickly at a conversational level, no problems arising in communicating with them.