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The symbolism of ownership and of a developed society is shaped by infrastructure and existing buildings.

The construction industry presents a wide range of offers but, at the same time, very difficult to manage due to the multitude of factors that converge for the successful implementation of projects in this field.

The jobs in the construction field, although offering pecuniary satisfaction, also involve a high degree of risk, so that the choice of personnel involves responsibility.

It should also not be overlooked that the success of any company will depend on the quality of its employees. This also means that hiring the wrong candidate can have detrimental effects on the whole team and the company.

For this reason, DTH International takes with utmost responsibility and seriousness the recruitment and placement process of the foreign workforce, our recruitment procedure being highly developed, directly proportional to the success of the projects in which your company chooses to collaborate.

We recruit staff with extensive experience, including international experience.

Selection is performed based on interviews.

DTH International

The candidates we select have the basic qualifications, experience and skills needed to meet your company’s requirements, and DTH International closely follows an intelligent engagement strategy, always offering fast and effective solutions that guarantee your success.

Recruitment is done according to your wishes and needs. Our staff will draw up with you the ideal employee sheet for each desired position, so that the selection and placement of Asian workers will be carried out according to your standards and the legislation in force.

For the construction industry, DTH International can help you with qualified workers for the following specific positions:

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