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Cafes and bars are another component of the HoReCa industry, which is among the largest industries in the world. This area of cafes and bars, enjoys a continuous increase in the number of open businesses, organizing the perfect framework for people’s favorite activities, namely relaxation and socialization.

Asian workers are the quick solution to the problem of staff shortages for companies in the field of HoReCa.

The more time you spend recruiting candidates for a job, the more your company will suffer. Every position that remains unoccupied also means financial losses.

Skill, seriousness and professionalism. These are the most important qualities shown by Asian workers for cafes or bars, throughout their contracts with Romanian employers.

DTH International offers you assistance and support throughout the recruitment and placement process.

We recruit staff with extensive experience, including international experience.

The selection is made on the basis of interviews

DTH International

Recruitment is done according to your wishes and needs. Our staff will draw up with you the ideal employee sheet for each desired position, so that the selection and placement of Asian workers will be carried out according to your standards and the legislation in force.

DTH International supports you by recruiting and placing Asian workers on specific positions such as:

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