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DTH International


Caring about people is what brings us together, what keeps us human and empathic. Most of the time, we want our loved ones to have everything they want. Protection is a sign of gratitude that we can often offer to show that we care, that we stand by them no matter what.

The assistance/care industry is an area that constantly needs qualified personnel, people who provide us with safety through their training and experience, implicitly through the quality of the services offered. This industry includes a wide range of care facilities, including centers for the elderly, children, medical centers, etc.

DTH International proves and offers maximum involvement and attention to this field, offering you support in all areas, from identifying your needs to placing the most trained personnel in this sensitive field. The peace and contentment of our customers are two priority factors in the conduct of our business, so we guarantee the quality of our services.

We recruit staff with extensive experience, including international experience.

Selection is performed based on interviews.

DTH International

Recruitment is done according to your wishes and needs. Our staff will draw up with you the ideal employee sheet for each desired position, so that the selection and placement of Asian workers will be carried out according to your standards and the legislation in force.

With regard to qualified personnel in this field, workforce recruitment from Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, etc., may be carried out for the following positions:

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